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“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.”
Steve Jobs

SEO Methods:

There are very few SEO companies and SEO experts that are well rounded and understand the importance of alining all your marketing channels under an effective strategy.  Some focus on search engine optimization (SEO) while some will build you high page rank, but very few will get you effective results and positive ROI. Many companies also use outdated methods that no longer work with any search engine that is link focused.

At MoonQuake we have taken our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company to the top of Google for many of our targeted keywords in a short time. We have combined link building and SEO together to get fast results that would normally take SEO companies much longer to achieve. The truth is you need your website highly optimized for good search engine rankings and you also need strong incoming links with keywords in the anchor text. While any webmaster can learn SEO and try to rank high themselves, not any webmaster can achieve top rankings for highly competitive keyword phrases. This is where our SEO company and our search engine marketing services can help.

How can one choose the right SEO company? It’s pretty simple actually. Have them show results and traffic facts. Remember some people can get you first page placement, but are the keywords they are using really bringing traffic? Are your rankings or traffic convert into sales? In most cases probably not. When we say traffic, we mean targeted, unique visitors that convert into sales or at least a phone call. Remember there is traffic and there is good traffic!

Our company has clients that generate anywhere from 10,000 to 300,000 Unique Visitors a month. Ask your SEO guy if he ever brought a site to have over 20,000 unique organic visitors, probably not. Very few companies can do that. We are one of them.

MoonQuake specializes in building strong Internet marketing campaigns for any online business. We have done so for the past fifteen years for many companies by helping them brand their products and have a strong online present. We offer many different services such as SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, Video Marketing, and others.

Search Engine Optimization

MoonQuake has been ranked as one of the top SEO Companies in the US for many reasons. First and far most our company understands the importance of white hat marketing and better yet, what you shouldn’t do when approaching online marketing. Many individuals and companies offer SEO and SEM services, but only a handful really understand and master this aggressive field of website promotions and internet marketing.

Before you start your search engine optimization campaign you need to know that simply getting links pointing to your site is not an effective SEO method. You must have links from high quality sites that Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the other search engines deem important. You also need to have your targeted keywords in your anchor text. These are just basic SEO methods that one needs to pay attention to before starting a campaign.

Our advanced link building service is more than simply getting links to your site, it works hand in hand with our SEO services in order to increase your search engine rankings. Our SEO company uses ethical search engine positioning and one of the only companies that guarantees top page placements.


We Guarantee Results!

SEO is a service based on results, without the results no service has been delivered. We’re sure you’ve heard of many customers being ripped off by SEO companies, or perhaps you have been. Usually SEO companies charge a lot of money for their link building and SEO services. You can easily spend thousands of dollars a month for a top SEO company or SEO Expert. Our complete business model is built around the customer. Our monthly contracts, service guarantee, and weekly phone meetings gives us a true customer centric approach. If you don’t sale or at least make a profit we are not doing our job. Believe us when we say this is not the NORM for SEO companies.

Social Media

What is Social Media? We all say it, but what does it actually mean? Social media is a form of web-based technology that transforms and broadcasts media monologues into social media dialogues. It supports the democratization of knowledge and information and transform people from content consumers to content producers.

Social media has been modernized to reach consumers through the internet. Social media has become appealing to big and small businesses. Credible brands are utilizing social media to reach customers and to build or maintain reputation.

As social media continue to grow, the ability to reach more consumers globally has also increased. Twitter, for example has expanded its global reach to Japan, Indonesia, and Mexico, among others. This means that brands are now able to advertise in multiple languages and therefore reach a broader range of consumers.

Social media has become the new “tool” for effective business marketing and sales. Popular networking sites including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are social media most commonly used for socialization and connecting friends, relatives, and employees.

Today you can’t really achieve good SEO results unless it is aligned with your social media strategy, as social media sites poses high ranked placements in search engines. Every business now days should have a good marketing budget that will allow it to maintain a healthy internet traffic via social media, search engine traffic, and pay per click. Doing these correctly will maintain a positive ROI, and keep your business growing.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

One of the best ways of getting your website to rank fast, is to invest correctly in a professional PPC campaign. But why do you need Pay Per Click Marketing?Simple, almost 90% of all online purchases originate from search engine listings while 60% of searches begin with the purpose of an online purchase in mind.

The competition is huge and is only getting bigger. So if you’re a new website you may want to use PPC campaign in order to start generating some traffic.

Should I do it myself, or hire a professional?

Even though it seems pretty easy to manage a PPC campaign, there is so much more to it. Think about it this way, it’s like playing the stock market yourself, or hiring a professional to buy your stocks. You need to understand that PPC is an art. It is not just a bidding war. You must keep in mind that you’re competing with two separate entities: Your Competitors and Yourself. Most people don’t understand the bidding war. And while bidding they actually raise their own keyword value. So every time you bid more than your competitor, you’re raising your budget and lowering your ROI. Google understood that long time ago and this is one of the major reasons how it became an advertising monster. Google and other similar services know that when they let you participate in the bidding war you’re doing all the work for them. Only a few of the many companies that offer PPC services understand this concept.

Our PPC Services

Our PPC services are designed to get you up and running fast, but still to keep your monthly spending low. We will make sure you only bid on keywords that generate sales, vs keywords that generate traffic. It is a huge difference between having visits, and having visits that generate sales, and one can only fully understand it once he experienced managing his own campaigns. PPC is a good solution to start with. It is also recommended to use in addition to SEM packages, but never instead. Read why below.

PPC vs Organic Traffic

To exploit this to the fullest, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is simply not enough. PPC is a great way to start and maybe to support your organic SEM campaign, but using only PPC is like throwing away your money. Why? Because the moment you stop paying, is the moment you stop selling. When targeting organic traffic your traffic is steady, so even if you stop paying you won’t lose sales right away. Your organic traffic will keep generating unique visitors and will decrease much slower than PPC. You must have good ranking in organic search and in order to do that you have to work hard. There are no shortcuts and no easy solutions. The only way is unique content and manual link submissions to high ranking websites.

Spending on search engine marketing in Europe has risen from zero four years ago to over €1 billion today. The challenge is to find the best means of managing this huge opportunity to deliver the most effective Return on Investment (ROI). This is where The Search Works can help.

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